Restart of Defoaming
Solutions at Cavitus AG

We are happy to announce that the restart of Cavitus AG took place. The new company is founded and embedded into INDUR Holding AG. The product will not be changed so we can still assure the „swiss made“ product quality as before. With the employment of Sarah Baumli and Judith Zumbach we can assure the know-how and your existant contacts. CEO of the new Cavitus AG is Jürg Spillmann, who has more than 20 year experience in industry with INDUR Antriebstechnik AG.

Please contact us under our new e-mail:

INDUR Holding AG owns the companys Cavitus AG and INDUR Antriebstechnik AG (which already produced the switch cabinets for Cavitus for 8 years).

Cavitus AG provides solutions to reduce foaming issues with help of ultrosonic sound at filling lines. The benefits consists of:

  • Save of product due to a better controlled fill level (less variance)
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Increase temperature of the product filled (reduced cooling)
  • Increase of line fill speed
  • Reduction of CO2 usage
  • Less waste of product and contamination