More efficiency on your beverage filling line with help of ultrasonics!

Cavitus AG is a leading global supplier of ultrasonic defoaming systems and applications to improve the efficiency of industrial processes. Cavitus systems are a clean, environmentally friendly technology that serves as a simple solution to foam-related problems. These systems can be retrofitted to most production lines without interfering with existing components.

In the field of ultrasonic technology for defoaming in filling systems, Cavitus assumes the role of a competent partner and helps machine builders and machine operators to increase performance by integrating ultrasonic defoaming systems between filler and capper.

Economical benefits:

Increase line speed

Improve yield

Less product waste

  • Increase line speed
  • Increase of filling temperature
  • Decrease product waste by reducing the over-spillage
  • Reduce rejects with more consistency in fill levels
  • Improve yield
  • Low operating costs (150W electrical power)
  • Low maintenance cost

Green benefits:

Save energy

Save CO2

Save product/water

  • Save on CO2, especially due to the reduction of CO2 consumption of a bubble breaker
  • Save energy, due to possible higher filling temperatures
  • Reduce product waste and thus save product
  • Save water (less cleaning)
  • Control TPO

General benefits:

Fits to new and existing filling lines

Low maintenance

Simple installation

  • Fits to new and existing filling lines of all manufacturers
  • Solutions for Beer, CSD, Aseptic or hot-fill filling lines
  • Non-invasive technology – no negative influence on product quality or carbonization
  • Possible connection to the filling line PLC
  • Bolt on solution – installation down time at approx. 30 min.
  • Low maintenance needed

It does not matter whether cans, PET containers or glass bottles are being filled. Thanks to the patented shape of the sonotrode, the entire top area of the can or bottle can be covered. The ultrasonic technology has no negative effects on the filled beverage. The defoaming system can be integrated directly into a new filling line (we refer to the globally known filling line manufacturers) as well as retrofitted into an existing line.

Due to our many years of experience and more than 150 installed defoaming systems worldwide in the soft drink, beer and beverage filling sector, a reliable, efficient overall solution is guaranteed.

Our international service and customer support guarantees a long-term value retention of your investment while also providing you with the benefit of our know-how.


Cavitus ultrasonic foam control systems are designed to reduce production problems associated with foaming in canning and bottling lines. The patented sonotrode generates ultrasonic waves that destroy the surface tension of the foam bubbles.

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As part of our services, we are happy to support you in selecting the optimum ultrasonic defoaming system for your plant. We can also optimize the unit on site to meet your requirements for the most efficient use.

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The company

Our company was founded in 2022 and the tried-and-tested defoaming system, which has been in use at many filling plants worldwide since 2014, was able to be adopted. This benefits our global customers, which are made up of a mix of machine manufacturers and plant operators.

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